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Apr. 1st: Course "Personal Power" (Oslo, Norway)

Apr. 1st: Course "Motivation" (Oslo, Norway)

Apr. 2nd: Lecture to Danske Busvognmænd (Christiansfeld)

Apr. 3rd: Course "Motivation" (Bergen, Norway)

Apr. 5th: Lørdagspanelet (Radio)

Apr. 7th: Course "Strength Spotting" AVS Danmark (Hedehusene)

Apr. 7th: Lecture to Loge 80 (Bagsværd)

Apr. 10th: Lecture to Round Table (Esbjerg)

Apr. 11th: Lecture to Dansk Naturgas Fyn (Fredericia)

Apr. 12th - 21st: Easter Holidays

Apr. 22nd: Course "Personal Power" AVS Danmark (Hedehusene)

Apr. 24th: Lecture to Puma (Nurnberg, Germany)

Apr. 25th: Lecture to Puma (Nurnberg, Germany)

Apr. 28th: Course "Personal Power" AVS Danmark (Hedehusene)

Apr. 29th: Lecture to Gråsten Brugsforening (Gråsten)

Apr. 30th: Lecture at DNA-Conference (Hillerød)

Vision meets insight
Lectures: I see no limitations. I inspire people to change. I talk about motivation and enthusiasm. I share with the audience how I use my tools from elite sport to be successful in business. And I guarantee entertainment and food for thought.

Courses: Personal motivation and mental strength. Convincing arguments and personal clout. Customised sales training courses.
Your presentation was one of the highlights of the event and the people that attended the Institute found your speech to be immensely inspirational! David Heath, HR-Manager, IBM UKISA      We were deeply impressed by the confidence and charm with which you presented your paper. You are such a professional speaker that you outdid the others in the conference. That you were more than 100% prepared shone through clearly. Bravo! Kirsten Broager, Nota      It was an absolutely fantastically good lecture you gave. Thanks for the good experience. Tina Jensen, Logistic Co-ordinator, TOBI A/S