About Søren Holmgren

Picture of Søren Holmgren

My name is Søren Holmgren (born 1971) and since I established the consulting company itoi [“eye-to-eye”] in 2004, I have worked with performance, motivation, sales and management on all levels in companies all over the world.

My CV is colourful and includes among other things:

  • Education as a computer programmer
  • Two Olympic gold medals from the games in Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 in Goalball, a game for blind athletes
  • Awards such as IBM’s best new salesman in Europe, the Middle East and Africa
  • The JCI Award TOYP (The Outstanding Young Person Award)
  • Mentor in several mentor and support programmes
  • Author of “Blind Confidence”, published 2009
  • Mental coach for elite sports teams, young talents and established national team players
  • A long career as a lecturer with a track record of more than 1,000 lectures in Denmark and abroad
  • Management consultant to some of Denmark’s biggest companies

Moreover, I am married and the father of two lovely girls. I live with my family in Lynge, the Paris of North Sealand.

In my daily work, I am the sparring partner of a series of Danish businesspeople. I daily contribute professionally with my knowledge in strategy, management and organisation. As such, I play a part in the increased success of my clients.

My services consist of lectures, workshops, coaching and consulting. I offer know-how and advice to my clients on short or long courses which inspire to action and further development.

My tool box is versatile, and my methods and solutions are always adapted to the actual situation and specific needs of my clients, as well as to the designated criteria of success in the collaboration. It is my express goal to make a difference.

Quality, professionalism, high ethics, integrity and humour are some of the values on which I base my client relations.