Now, Where Did I Put My Motivation?

Now, Where Did I Put My Motivation?

Picture of Søren Holmgren sitting in an empty stadium

The course is for anyone who constantly wishes to develop and improve. Your motivation gets a boost, and you get some specific, easy-to-use tools to take home:

  • Visualisation in your preparation – increase your chances of success
  • Create or recreate your motivation when things don’t go your way
  • Nonverbal communication: learn to decode the body language and tone of voice in other people – and yourself
  • The ingenious mental tool Scoreboard which teaches you new and positive thought strategies and make you better at remembering and celebrating your successes – and set new goals!

The package contains an introductory meeting, a half-day course (with up to 36 participants) and an evaluation meeting with a run-through of development potential.

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